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Deep Root Fertilization

If your home or landscape is experiencing pest problems, palm deficiencies, plant diseases, or anything in those realms, you’ll want to contact Island Environmental Pest Control.  If you want your lawn and ornamental to look pristine, Island Environmental Pest Control offers monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and annual services. When you need pest control services, you really can’t afford to settle. You need to go with the expert professionals at Island Environmental Pest Control to ensure that whatever issue your home or landscape is experiencing gets taken care of for good. One of the many services you will find with Island Environmental Pest Control is deep root fertilization

When it comes to making a good first impression, your landscape and trees are one of the major influences. No matter how gorgeous your home may be, a stressed lawn or decaying trees can ruin any appearance. Having healthy, flourishing trees can really pull together a landscape. Just like people, trees need their own combination of vitamins and minerals to grow and survive. The typical surface fertilization will not give your trees what they need to flourish. Island Environmental Pest Control uses deep root fertilization, which will give your trees and shrubs the boost they need to add beauty and value to your property. 

You cannot underestimate how important deep root fertilization is for your foliage. Island Environmental Pest Control will perform many incredible services, such as adjusting fertilizer to your specific local conditions and analyzing your soil or foliage to determine what is needed. Of course, Island Environmental Pest Control uses Eco-friendly products, and is committed to providing each and every client with the highest level of quality service and customer care. When it comes to making that great first impression and keeping your landscape healthy and pest free, Island Environmental Pest Control is the place to call. Contact us, today, and schedule your next appointment.

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Lawn & Ornamental Program

Island Environmental Pest Control is an outstanding pest service team serving Palm Beach, Florida and surrounding areas. We know that the last thing you want to deal with is any sort of bug or pest infestation. That is why we work so hard to keep your property free of unwanted pests, plant diseases, and more. Once Island Environmental Pest Control gets done with your residence, you will be able to relax and enjoy your environment, which is exactly the way it should be. One of the many services that Island Environmental Control Pest Control offers is their lawn & ornamental program.

When a friend, neighbor, or relative comes for a visit, the first thing they see is the outside of your house. More specifically, your lawn is what may make or break a first impression. Island Environmental Pest Control knows that many people have had to deal with chinch bugs, mole crickets, fungi, grubs, weeds, and many other issues. If that sounds familiar, you’ll want to let Island Environmental Pest Control establish a treatment plan for you. In addition, Island Environmental Pest Control has programs to take care of your ornamentals, trees, and palms. Whether you need fertilization, insect control, or something in between, Island Environmental Pest Control is here to assist you.

You have time and money invested in your property. You have worked too hard to obtain an environment that you and your loved ones can be proud of and enjoy. When bugs and other disturbances rear their ugly heads, you have to go with the experts. Island Environmental Pest Control uses Eco-friendly products to ensure they take care of your property in a way that’s friendly for all. Don’t suffer with unwanted pests, or try to go through the trouble of getting rid of things yourself. The professionals at Island Environmental Pest Control are ready to help, so contact us today.

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Keep Your Lawn Healthy

Are you unsure what to do to keep your lawn lush and healthy this summer? Here are some useful lawn watering tips from the Palm Beach lawn and ornamental experts at Island Environmental Pest Control.

Verify that you water at the perfect time. We suggest watering your lawn in the early morning or the late night when wind velocities and temperatures are at their most minimal. This will help decrease water loss through evaporation. You ought to check with South Florida Water Management District to discover how regularly to water and check whether there are any limitations on water utilization.

Don’t over-water. You can dodge over-watering by setting a clock with a watering calendar that suits your locale. The run time for your watering will shift by month, however ought to be around an hour in the mid-year months. Our Palm Beach lawn mind experts know precisely to what extent to water your lawn; if you have questions, you may always call us for tips on watering. Your total watering time ought to change depending upon the sorts of plants you have in your yard. Planting local plants can help ration water in your yard environment. It is likewise critical that you congregate plants with comparative water needs in comparable places in your yard to help reduce the likelihood that you actually over-water.

Make the most out of rainwater. You can do this by turning downspouts from downpour canals towards specific areas that need watering. You can likewise gather rainwater in barrels to store for droughts. Remember that standing water makes for a decent place for mosquitoes to breed, so you shouldn’t leave standing water on your property for long.

Verify that your grass is cut to the right height. You will need grass that has a profound and far reaching root framework, on the grounds that this grass is stronger and can all the more effortlessly withstand dry season conditions. Don’t cut your grass excessively short. Grass that is short may burn out from the high temperatures. It is not a good idea to leave your lawn excessively long either in light of the fact that it makes a decent place for creepy crawlies, snakes and different creatures to stow away in.

Dealing with your lawn watering can take a considerable measure of work! Yet this work is worth the trouble when you recognize how perfectly rich and green your lawn might be when treated right! When you want a perfectly maintained, healthy yard, please give the lawn pros at Island Environmental Pest Control a call. We even offer free estimates so that we can help keep your lawn green and vibrant all year long.

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