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One of the common questions that people ask of their pest control company, or any business that they place trust in, is what happens after I become a customer? We’ve all experienced the company that just really wanted your money, and then doesn’t do much to make themselves available until the next check is due. That is an unacceptable way of doing business, and Island Environmental Pest Control takes careful measures to ensure that our customers are always satisfied. You never have to be worried about getting lost in the crowd, because part of the Island Environmental Pest Control way is the detail and consistency we provide to each individual.

Are you curious about what happens when you become a customer with Island Environmental Pest Control? First, your property will be reviewed and all important information will be documented and placed into our customer database. Your property then gets a list of special instructions, based on your personal likes and dislikes. For example, if there are children that like to play on your property, this will influence our services. Are you or a loved one sensitive to a certain smell or application? It is in the database, so you never have to worry about the issue. All of these details are printed out and brought with every technician, on every work order.

This commitment to you, as an individual client, is just one of the many services Island Environmental Pest Control provides. We are happy to service many luxury properties in West Palm Beach, The Island of Palm Beach, Jupiter Island, North Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens and Wellington. Whether it is taking care of bugs and pests, or treating ornamental and lawn issues, Island Environmental Pest Control is here for you. You can find out how to receive a Free Lawn Analysis, right on our website. Contact us, today, and see the difference that Island Environmental Pest Control can make on your property.

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Identify Your Pest

It was the old Chinese General Sun Tzu who cautioned that it is best to know your enemy. Being armed with the proper knowledge can help you achieve ultimate success in battle. What does this have to do with Island Environmental Pest Control? Well, we happen to believe in the same mentality for our customers. Of course, we’ll be happy to come out and diagnose your problem, but until that time, the Identify Your Pest section of our website can be a very handy tool. With the right knowledge, you can keep the enemy at bay, while you call for reinforcements (us).

The Identify Your Pest section of the Island Environmental Pest Control website contains distinctions of ants, spiders, roaches, lawn pests, ornamental pests, and much more. For example, have you had an issue with pests in your pantry? Simply check out the pantry pest subsection and see if you have cigarette beetles, weevils, or Indian meal moths. Wondering what is eating up your lawn? The Identify Your Pest page can help you figure out if you are suffering from chinch bugs, white grubs, sod web worms, or mole crickets. Each of these pests has its very own bio, so you can be informed, even before Island Environmental Pest Control arrives.

The first step to winning any battle is knowing your enemy. In this case, these pests are your enemy, and Island Environmental Pest Control can help you stop them. They will also take preventative measures to make sure that these issues don’t come looking for you. With Island Environmental Pest Control, your satisfaction is guaranteed, and a Free Lawn Analysis is available, too. Don’t let pests ruin the appearance of your home, inside or out. Contact us, today, and let Island Environmental Pest Control keep you and your loved ones safe and sound.

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Palm Services

Island Environmental Pest Control knows that there are many different factors that can throw off your home’s appearance. This can happen in your front yard, back yard, or even on the interior. However, the one thing that everyone sees, from your friends to your neighbors, is the front of your property. One of the many factors that goes into how your landscape looks is foliage, and this includes palms. When your palm trees are healthy, it can create a beautiful setting that appeals to friends and strangers, alike.

Island Environmental Pest Control offers palm services to help your trees stay healthy and beautiful. Our deep root fertilization services treat various issues including boron deficiency, iron deficiency, manganese disease, potassium deficiency, and many other conditions. You may not know exactly what is going on with your palms, but one exam from Island Environmental Pest Control can diagnose the issue so you can have it treated. The beautiful thing about Island Environmental Pest Control is that we can treat problems, as well as take preventative measures to avoid issues from happening in the first place. You can feel more relaxed with the experts keeping you free of pests and other issues.

Whether you are dealing with pests, palm diseases, or simply don’t want these issues to find you, Island Environmental Pest Control is the place to call. We have the experience and knowledge to make sure that you and your loved ones are protected. Don’t let that special occasion be ruined by roaches, ants, or any kind of pest. Make a great impression every time, with help from Island Environmental Pest Control. We can come out and give you a FREE estimate, with absolutely no obligation. Contact us, today, and see what Island Environmental Pest Control can do for you.

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Interior Pest Control Services

We’ve all been there before, and it usually happens at the worst possible time. You’re ready to step into bed for the night, about to sit down to dinner with some guests, or maybe on your way out to an important meeting. You glance down for one second, and just catch a glimpse – you’ve got a cockroach. Chances are, where there is one, there may be more elsewhere. Whether you have cockroaches, or perhaps any other type of pest, you can’t mess around. Call Island Environmental Pest Control to the rescue with their unique once-a-year service.

There are many instances where a bug problem can be a big deal. Outside of being a nuisance in everyday life, it is tough to build relationships, impress friends, or host family when pests are making their presence known. Island Environmental Pest Control can take care of existing problems, as well as prevent future outbreaks from occurring. A little preventative treatment can go a long way, especially when you’re dealing with creepy crawlers. Island Environmental Pest Control offers many different treatment options, including their ONCE-A YEAR pest control home protection plan.

Island Environmental Pest Control use Eco-friendly products to protect all parties. Don’t let bugs and other pests ruin an otherwise amazing gathering, dinner, or celebration. Stop any infestations you currently have, and guard them from returning with the help of Island Environmental Pest Control. Contact us, today, and ask about receiving a free, no risk inspection.

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