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There are many times in your life when you’ll want to make a good impression. Whether you are entertaining your boss, hosting a significant other for the first time, or welcoming in relatives, you want to show them how wonderful your house is. Unfortunately, there are pests out there that don’t care, and will do anything to destroy your property on the interior and exterior. A pest can bring an infestation in your house, or destroy your foliage outside your house, and both of these things can really throw off your impression. One of the common insects that Island Environmental Pest Control comes across is the pesky whitefly.

Whiteflies are small winged insects that would love nothing more than to feast on your plants. These pests suck the juices from plants, which can cause anything from wilting, to stunting, to death. Luckily, Island Environmental Pest Control technicians are expertly trained in dealing with whiteflies, and can take care of these bugs. We have many treatment options that can cure your ficus hedges, and prevent the whiteflies from coming back. Island Environmental Pest Control workers are certified by The University of Florida for whitefly treatments. We will make sure that these pests get taken care of once and for all.

It isn’t pretty to think about, but it is a legitimate possibility. Your guest is arriving, and you think everything is perfect, until you notice that your front yard foliage has been decimated. That first impression, which should have been perfect, has gone down in flames. Island Environmental Pest Control never wants to see that happen to you. Our staff has seen it all before, and uses that experience to make sure your issues go away, and stay away. As always, Island Environmental Pest Control offers a Free Lawn Analysis. Contact us, today, and let us take care of whatever pests you are facing.

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What Pests Do We Treat?

One of the main issues with pests is that they come in so many species, shapes and sizes. If there was only one or two types of pests out there, treatment would be standardized and simple. However, that is not our reality, and that is one of many reasons why Island Environmental Pest Control can be valuable for your home. You don’t have to do any of the guess work yourself – simply call Island Environmental Pest Control and let us handle your pest issues. We have over 50 years of experience in the industry, which means you probably can’t present us with a problem that we haven’t seen.

The good news is, Island Environmental Pest Control services all kinds of issues. Everyday pests, such as ants or cockroaches, can be a major nuisance, as can occasional problems like silverfish, spiders, beetles and others. When it comes to your lawn, fire ants, fleas and ticks can be a negative influence, too. All of these invaders are very familiar to Island Environmental Pest Control, and we treat all of these issues with safe, yet effective products. If the pests come back, you have nothing to worry about. Island Environmental Pest Control will come back at no additional charge. That is just another way we try to make our customers completely happy.

Island Environmental Pest Control has seen every type of pest you can show us. That experience means we can effectively take care of your invader, and keep them away, as well. If you’d like to figure out what is plaguing your home before we can get there, check out our “identify your pest” section. Keep your residence free of pests, inside and out, and allow yourself to fully enjoy your home. As always, Island Environmental Pest Control offers a Free Lawn Analysis. Contact us, today, and let us know how we can service you.

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Commercial Properties

Island Environmental Pest Control knows how difficult it can be to live with pests. It is the kind of issue that can frustrate a family, ruin an event, and is not something that anybody should have to deal with as a whole. When pests, palm diseases, or other issues strike, your property pays the price, both on the interior and exterior. With a little help from your friends at Island Environmental Pest Control, you can have these problems dealt with, and have measures taken to ensure they stay away. Of course, this is true whether we are talking about your personal property or your place of business.

Yes, Island Environmental Pest Control is happy to service commercial properties, too. Pests, palm disease, and lawn issues don’t just target your residence. They are just as happy to seek out your business and wreak all kinds of havoc. At Island Environmental Pest Control, we know that every business is different, and we are happy to customize our service to your specific needs. In fact, we will even contact your business each month to report on the condition. You’ll know what is happening every step of the way, as Island Environmental Pest Control takes care of your commercial property. 

Bugs, other pests, palm, and lawn & ornamental issues may seem scary, but you can’t let them take over. You need to show these problems who’s boss, before they take the run of the property. In this case, Island Environmental Pest Control is the boss, and we are glad to take care of these issues. We have no problem coming out and giving you a Free Lawn Analysis. Don’t put up with creepy crawlies taking over your life. Contact us, today, and schedule an appointment.

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