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Protect Your Home

Though the mentality “protect this house” is generally something associated with a sports team playing on home field, it goes for your house in the fight against pests, too. Yes, it is important for a team to win while playing at home in sports, but you need to beat your own opponent – the bug team. Together, this team of bugs will do everything they can to infiltrate your home field and take it over.  Luckily, with Island Environmental Pest Control on your side, you have a powerful ally that can get the job done. And, because we use environmentally friendly products, you don’t have anything to worry about.

When it comes to the interior portion of the game, Island Environmental Pest Control recommends the once-a-year pest control service. This service has proven to be effective for our South Florida client base. As we like to say, the best time to treat your home is before any problems arise. Have you just moved into your dream home? Don’t waste any time in calling us to inspect your property. We offer a once-a-year pest control analysis, as well as a home analysis, absolutely FREE of charge.

Of course, if you can’t wait on the once-a-year service, we will gladly come out when you need us. Our clients’ happiness is extremely important to us, and we won’t rest until you are satisfied. There is nothing worse than seeing a place of residence taken over by a nasty team of bugs. With Island Environmental Pest Control on your side, this will not be your reality. Contact us, today, and set up a time for us to come out. As always, don’t forget to take advantage of your FREE Lawn Analysis!

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Before you celebrate the fact that the hottest days of summer appear to be in the rearview mirror, it is important to remember that we still live in South Florida. Although everyone keeps waiting for the temperature to break, the weather still remains rainy, hot and humid. Obviously, these conditions aren’t the most comfortable for people, but there is more at stake. Unfortunately, this type of weather is a breeding ground for fungus, which can have a big impact on your lawn. Brown Patch Fungus and Take All Root Rot are common problems, and will target St. Augustine and Zoyisa lawns.

In order to fight back against the attacking fungi, it will take a team effort between you and Island Environmental Pest Control. You should be using fertilizers that contain potassium and minor elements, as opposed to nitrogen. It is also important to avoid watering your property too much, though between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. is best, when dew is already present. Like human illnesses, lawn diseases can be transmitted, so avoid mowing these areas until the very end (and clean afterwards, of course). The good news in this situation is that fungus usually grows in the same area each year, so you’ll know where to keep an eye on. 

Island Environmental Pest Control wants to help you beat the fungus issue. Our fungicides are designed to keep the diseases from spreading. Proper nutrients and fungicides should be applied bi-weekly, until you reach a fungus free lawn. We will do our best to help you through this situation, but it is going to take effort on your part, as well. Contact us with any questions, and we will be glad to answer. As always, don’t forget to take advantage of our FREE Lawn Analysis!

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First Impressions

With the calendars sitting on the month of October, we are quickly approaching the beautiful season in South Florida. Basically, our years consist of a hot, rainy season, and a gorgeous, comfortable time of the year when everybody wants to be outside. As your priorities switch from being mostly inside the house, to predominantly outside, you’ll want to make sure you are proud of your yard. If there are any hesitations with that statement, it is time to contact Island Environmental Pest Control. We have an experienced and talented staff that will take care of your problems and keep them away.

We talk about first impressions on this blog so much because they really are very important. With the seasons changing and the desire for outdoor events enhanced, people are going to be seeing your yard. If you have pests that are biting people, killing plants, or ruining your lawn, you may miss out on hosting an otherwise incredible event. Island Environmental Pest Control only has technicians who are University of Florida IFAS Certified for best management practices in fertilization. We can help your lawn & ornamental needs, as well as any tree and palm issues you may be experiencing.

There are too many intricacies that go into the perfect lawn maintenance and pest control system for you to go at it alone. You are the expert in whatever your occupation is, so leave the pest control to the experts, too. When your property is infiltrated by pests and other issues, you don’t get to enjoy the experience of being a homeowner. Island Environmental Pest Control wants to make sure that is never your reality again. Contact us, today, and set up your next appointment. As always, don’t forget to take advantage of our FREE Lawn Analysis!

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Biting Pests

At Island Environmental Pest Control, we talk a lot about making a good first impression through a beautiful appearance. Whether it is inside your home, or out, pests can be a big disturbance, and throw off what you’ve worked so hard to put together. They can invade your floors and walls, or chew up your foliage in a hurry. That is not something that anybody has time for, and when you see this as your reality, you’ll want to call Island Environmental Pest Control. You can get a free once-a-year pest control analysis to see how we can best service you and your property.

While all kinds of pests can cause problems, there are a select few that can harm people, too. It is entirely possible that your front yard features fire ants, fleas, ticks, and other biting creatures. Island Environmental Pest Control has a variety of lawn applications and treatments to make sure that your biting pests are kept at bay, and kept away for good. There is no reason why you should have to be afraid to spend time on your lawn, especially when there are football catches to be had and memories to be made. If there is anything keeping you from enjoying your yard, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Island Environmental Pest Control.

Island Environmental Pest Control is here for all of your pest control, lawn and ornamental needs. Pests are a part of life, but they shouldn’t be preventing you from enjoying your property. If you have ever hesitated to invite someone over, or thought twice about spending a day outside, that is simply unacceptable. The experts at Island Environmental Pest Control will make sure that this is no longer your reality. Don’t spend another minute with pests – contact us, today, and get started with a free lawn analysis.

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