Monthly Archives: February 2015

Spiraling Whitefly

Island Environmental Pest Control, a West Palm Beach company, is ready to help your lawn, tree disease, or creepy crawly issue. We hate to see anybody unable to enjoy their property due to these issues, and that is why we spend so much time trying to alleviate those problems. If you want to get started, we offer a FREE Lawn Analysis. Things get especially difficult when a newer species of pest or disease infiltrates your yard, and that is when you need a company like Island Environmental Pest Control on your side. One of those newer species of whitefly may be giving you issue, right now.


Mole Crickets

One of the problems with pests is that different critters pop up at different times of the year. That makes things very difficult to control, unless, of course, you have a knowledgeable pest control company on your side. Island Environmental Pest Control can help you figure out what creepy crawly you’re dealing with, before it becomes a big issue. In fact, have us come in for a FREE Lawn Analysis, and be a little proactive! It can only help you when it comes to one of our current problems – mole crickets.