Ficus White Fly

Have you ever hesitated to use any part of your property because of a pest issue? If your answer is yes, or even maybe, that is unacceptable, and something that needs fixing. Island Environmental Pest Control knows that South Florida is way too beautiful to have to fear going outside. Our experts would love to come out for a FREE Lawn Analysis, to help you try to diagnose your problem. After that, we will put a plan of action into effect, to help your problem go away, and stay away.

One problem that many people have to deal with is ficus white fly. These creatures use their needle-like mouth parts to feed on your plants. You may notice a black mold on your plants, due to the honeydew that is produced by the white flies. Treatment for the ficus white fly can be tricky, and it is not something you should attempt to do by yourself. Island Environmental Pest Control has a ton of experience, and would like to use that to help you take the best course of action.

Island Environmental Pest Control hates to see anybody unable to enjoy their yard. When you are afraid to use your property, you are missing out on a lot of potentially great times and memories. The bottom line is that you can never let pests grab the upper hand in a battle. With Island Environmental Pest Control on your side, you will win the fight. Contact us, today, for a FREE Lawn Analysis or FREE Home Analysis.

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