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White Grubs

Island Environmental Pest Control wants to make sure you are enjoying your property this Spring. So, if any creepy creatures are preventing this reality, don’t hesitate to call us. We can come out for a FREE Lawn Analysis, at a time that works with your schedule. Don’t wait until a problem has already gotten out of hand – get the pest control experts in before it gets bad! You can try to identify your pest, with help from our website, but it is best to let Island Environmental Pest Control take care of things.

One issue that you might encounter in South Florida is the white grub. Technically, a white grub is a larvae of a scarab beetle, and can be found in areas like coastal turfgrass. These grubs are more frequent in Florida, as there are about two generations in our state, for every one generation in states farther north. The best way to combat this problem is insecticide, timed to head off egg hatchings. Because this can be difficult to time, it is something you need to call Island Environmental Pest Control about.

Don’t let white grubs or any other pests threaten your residence or business. There are too many fun occasions to be had to let pests control your plans. Instead of trying to take care of any issue alone, let the experts at Island Environmental Pest Control keep your issues at bay. Don’t hesitate to call us in for a FREE Lawn Analysis or FREE Home Analysis. Contact Island Environmental Pest Control, today, and see how much better your property can be when you control things!

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