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Ficus White Fly

Have you ever hesitated to use any part of your property because of a pest issue? If your answer is yes, or even maybe, that is unacceptable, and something that needs fixing. Island Environmental Pest Control knows that South Florida is way too beautiful to have to fear going outside. Our experts would love to come out for a FREE Lawn Analysis, to help you try to diagnose your problem. After that, we will put a plan of action into effect, to help your problem go away, and stay away.

One problem that many people have to deal with is ficus white fly. These creatures use their needle-like mouth parts to feed on your plants. You may notice a black mold on your plants, due to the honeydew that is produced by the white flies. Treatment for the ficus white fly can be tricky, and it is not something you should attempt to do by yourself. Island Environmental Pest Control has a ton of experience, and would like to use that to help you take the best course of action.

Island Environmental Pest Control hates to see anybody unable to enjoy their yard. When you are afraid to use your property, you are missing out on a lot of potentially great times and memories. The bottom line is that you can never let pests grab the upper hand in a battle. With Island Environmental Pest Control on your side, you will win the fight. Contact us, today, for a FREE Lawn Analysis or FREE Home Analysis.

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Ant Season Approaching

Island Environmental Pest Control wants to make sure you are able to enjoy your property to the fullest this year. That means taking care of current problems, as well as preparing for upcoming issues. Did you know that the beginning of Spring is also the beginning of ant season? That means, one of our most well known pests is ready to march its way back to your residence or business. In order to prepare, the Professional Pest Management Alliance provided some tips for ant prevention.

  • Habitats – Doing things like removing debris from around a structure, and minimizing groundcover depth can keep ants at bay.
  • Sanitation – It may sound obvious, but if you drop food or spill your drink, make sure to clean it up. Ants love to find the residue of these things.
  • Exclusion – Any cracks or gaps in your structures should be filled, or else they become an easy target for ants.

Keeping these tips in mind can help you have a less ant filled season. However, if ants do rear their ugly heads, you can call Island Environmental Pest Control in to take a look. We also can prevent ants from becoming a major problem, with a little proactive care. Don’t want until your house is overrun by creepy crawlies! Contact Island Environmental Pest Control, today, for your FREE Lawn Analysis or FREE Home Analysis.

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Fungus In Turf

If you have gone outside at all lately, you probably have noticed just how beautiful the weather has been. Cloudless skies, reasonable temperatures, and plenty of sun has been an excellent formula for a great day outdoors. This is the time of year that we live for in South Florida, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be enjoying it. However, when pests and lawn diseases rear an ugly head, you may be prevented from an otherwise incredible time. If that is your current reality, it is time to call Island Environmental Pest Control.

South Florida has seen more than its fair share of cold days lately. When temperatures drop during the winter months, it is not uncommon to see fungus in turf pop up. St. Augustinegrass and zoysiagrass are especially susceptible to this condition, so if you have those turf types, be on the lookout. The fungus infects the area closest to the soil, eventually killing the leaf itself. Rotting will occur at the base of the leaf, and produce a rotted odor, as well. Let Island Environmental Pest Control come in and help you figure out if you are suffering from this.

Island Environmental Pest Control has been servicing families and businesses in Palm Beach, and the surrounding areas, for a long time. All of that experience is important, as it lets us diagnose anything you throw at us. When it comes to pest control, you absolutely must go with a company that knows what they are doing. Otherwise, you may be facing a reality that doesn’t include enjoying your property during this gorgeous weather. Contact Island Environmental Pest Control, today, for a FREE Lawn Analysis or FREE Home Analysis.

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